5 Lesser Known Tiger Reserves In India

A jungle safari is the best adventure you can have at any age. You all may have visited so many jungles with in India and you have spent a lot on this. But there are few jungles near to you. These amazing yet unknown wildlife places wonderfully embraces the rich exotic biodiversity. Let’s go through some Best National Park in India and find out what makes them so appealing and adventurous on the same hand.

Here is the list of five lesser known Tiger reserves in India

Palamau Tiger Reserve– Palamau Tiger Reserve is located in the western side of Latehar district on the Chhotanagpur in Jharkhand. This forest is surrounded by Netarhat forest and Auranga River. This tiger reserve is one of the Best Tiger Reverse Forest in India and one of the first 9 tiger reserves created in the country at inception of ‘Project Tiger’. Palamau Tiger Reserve comprising of 1129.93 sq.km out of which a core area of 414.08 sq.km for critical tiger habitat and buffer area of 715.85 sq.km and remaining of226.32 sq.km is designated as Betla national Park.

Nearest airport- Ranchi (165kms from Betla)

Nearest railway station- Barwadih (15kms from Betla)

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Pench National Park- Pench National Park or Tiger Reserve is one of the premier tiger reserves of India and the only one to straddle across two states – Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Ordinarily, the reference to Pench is mostly always to the tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. Pench National Park is in Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh in India. Pench National Park has total 758 sq km, with a core area of 299 sq km of Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park and the Mowgli Pench Sanctuary and buffer area of 464 sq km is designated as Pench national park.

Tiger safari timing in Pench National Park is just like most parks in the country. Timings for entry into, and exit from, the park vary according to the season. In winters, due to the shorter duration of daylight hours, the morning entry time is later and evening exit time is earlier.


Pench National Park, with its majestic tigers and several other animals and birds, will bring back the thrill you used to have, when watching Mowgli battle Sher Khan.

Nearest Airport- Nagpur

Nearest Railway Station- Nagpur Junction


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Valmiki Tiger Reserve– Valmiki Tiger Reserve is located in the West Chamoran district of Bihar state. Valmiki Tiger Reserve forms the eastern most limit of the Himalayan Terai forests in India, and is the only tiger reserve of Bihar. VTR comprises of the Valmiki National Park and Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary. Total forest area comprises of about 901 sq.km, out of which Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary is 880.78 sq km. and rest of the National Park is about 335.64 sq. km. In north, the protected areas are bordered by Nepal while the Indian state Uttar Pradesh bounds the Wildlife Sanctuary from western side. The wildlife found in the forest of VTR are tiger, Rhinoceros, Black bear, Leopard, Wild dog, wild buffalo, wild boar etc.

There are so many activities in Valmiki Tiger Reserve like

  •  Nature Walk- Visitors will be taken through designated routes of roughly 4-5 kms. The group size will be within 4-6 people and also below 15 years are not allowed.
  • Border Trek- T he ridge of the Someshwar range is the border between India & Nepal.The trek will be from 7a.m to 5p.m and physical fitness and grit will be checked of each and everyone. Group size may vary between 10-15 and below 15 years are not allowed.
  • Tiger Trail-It starts early morning, along with tiger trekkers. Each group will consist of 4-6 visitors. Children below 15 years are not allowed.


Nearest Airport- Patna.

Nearest Railway Station- Gorakhpur – Muzaffarpur


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Namdapha Tiger Reserve– Namdapha is located Changlang dist in Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India, bordering with Myanmar. By stretching across an area of 1985 km2 with 177 sq km in buffer zone and 1808 sq km in the core area. This park is known to be the ultimate zone for many of the rare species of animals such as snow leopards, clouded leopards, common leopards, tigers and even Red Pandas.


Attraction in Namdapha

  • Miao Museum-This museum is maintained by the Namdapha park authorities. There are many snake and frog specimens as well as a large number of bird skins, mammal pelts and skulls. The museum is open on all the working days.
  •  Miao Mini Zoo (Miao)- Miao zoo is located opposite to the museum. Several primates found in the zoo like hoolock gibbons, pig-tailed macaque, Assamese macaques, stump-tailed macaque and slow Loris. Among the other attractions are black bears and an enclosure with a gharial
  •  Moti Jheel- It is a small natural pool located atop a plateau called Gibbon’s Land by making a 10 mile walk of two to four hour from the forest department campsite, the tourists can find Moti Jheel. Although the pool is small and often overgrown with vegetation; but could be a good option for some kind of leisure walk.
  •  Raja Jheel- Raja Jheel is a forest swamp that is now completely overgrown with vegetation. The path to Raja Jheel continues to the mountains beyond the swamp, and can be resulted in a steep and difficult route on further trailing.

  Nearest Airport-  Guwahati Airport.

  Nearest Railway- Tinsukia

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 Simlipal National Park– Simlipal National Park is a national park and one of the Tiger reverse forest in India. It is in the Mayurbhanj district in the Indian state of Odisha. Simlipal Tiger Reserve is famous for best care of tigers in India.

Two forest guest houses are available at Simlipal National Park so visitors can stay there.

Interesting place in simlipal

  • Gurguria- The main attraction is elephant ride and hill trekking
  • Chahala- A forest resort was constructed, now converted to a Forest Rest House.
  • Barehipani- This is a waterfall with a height of 217 mtrs. It is locally known as Barehi.
  • Joranda- This is also a waterfall with a height of 181 mtr. Tourist cottage with cooking provision is available.


Nearest Airport- Bhuvaneswar

Nearest Rail Station- Balasore

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