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Central Kolkata Walk By Let Us Go


Price - Rs 1199/Person

LetUsGo brings yet another Walking Tour to let people know the rise of the Kings (Raja) and Queens(Rani) in the face of stiff opposition of the East India Company. The walk will show you the emergence of the Das (Rani Rashmoni) family and other famous personalities like Kabi Nazrul Islam, Surendra Nath Bannerjee and their contribution in building up this city of Kolkata. True to the spirit of Kolkata, they will also take you to a lovely Catholic Church ranked #1 in Eastern India, where the European fathers during the pre-independence years used to communicate in Bengali with the locals.

You will cover this following places:

1.St Teresa Church
2.Residence of Rashtraguru Surendra Nath Banerjee
3.House where Kabi Nazrul penned his famous poem 'Bidrohi'
4.The palaces of Janbazar Rani Maa
5.The original place where Rani Maa stayed before marriage




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About LetUsGo Explorer:

Amitabha Gupta, an eminent blogger from Kolkata who takes very keen interests about history of Bengal's Heritage temples and sights. He has written articles for Nat Geo Outlook before and regularly writes for many travel based magazines.

Come with Let Us Go for an amazing Kolkata city tour, it can help you to know your city in a better way!


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