Kumartuli:Not a Photowalk

KumartuliYes, you have heard it right. It is not a photowalk to Kumartuli.

Places Covered
Kobiraj gangaprasad
Sobhabazar 12 chura mondir (lal mondir)
New kumartuli
Kumartuli black pagoda temple at kumartuli
Baneswar shiv temple

Walking With Ghosts

Along the way, see Kolkata by night

As covered in the Times of India and Ei Samay and The Telegraph.
- Come see Kolkata's infamous haunted buildings
- Hear stories of ghosts walking through offices
- Dead wives speaking with their husbands
- Mysterious piano music and
- The screams of the dead!

Bangla Sahity-er Ekal o Sekal

banglaThis tour is about taking a tour of some places where Bengali Authors

We walk upto College Street crossing, get up on a tram and then get down near Bina Cinema Hall. Here inside a narrow bylane of Mahatma Gandhi Road is that mess, where Sibram Chakarborty used to stay. The room where Sibram stayed still exists, with a phone number on the wall written by Sibram himself.

South Kolkata Heritage Walk

southThe walking tour is centered along both the banks of Adi Ganga

Places Covered:

Boro Rasbar

Choto Rasbari

Monadl Temple

Chandra Temple Complex

A tour of Metiabruz

wajid-ali-shahA tour of Metiabruz

Places Covered:
1. Kidderpur Tram Depot (Starting Point)
2. Bhu Kailash Temple
3. Draw Bridge (Photography restricted)
4. BNR Ofiice (from outside)
5. Swing Bridge (Photography Restricted)
6. Suriname Memorial
7. Sahi Imambara (including interiors)
8. Bachali Ghat

Calcutta to Kolkata Walk

kol-to-culCalcutta to Kolkata Walk

The built heritage of Kolkata has been referred to time and again as a unique architectural wealth by both the domestic and international visitors and experts.LetUsGo has chalked out an interesting walking route to show our glorious past which has led to the development of this city and become the capital of the country.

A Walk To Remember

royalThe Royal Fight for Independence

You will cover this following places:
St Teresa Church
Residence of Rashtraguru Surendra Nath Banerjee
House where Kabi Nazrul penned his famous poem 'Bidrohi'
The palaces of Janbazar Rani Maa
The original place where Rani Maa stayed before marriage

Cradle to the Grave

graveTour to Cemeteries of Kolkata

Kolkata is famous for it's Burial Ground' area. Please join us to see the well known personalities resting there: literary figures, military leaders, legendary characters in Kolkata's history, Independence movement leaders, and other notable people.

Parliament Of Religions Tour

parliamentKolkata, in the days of the British raaj, was known as the ‘second city of the empire’ after London.

In this walk you will visit the following : Scottish Church

Mission Church

Catholic Church 3 x Synagogues

Armenian Church

Chinese Church

Parsi Fire Temple

Nakhoda Masjid

and many more....

Heart of the Empire Walk

empireHeart of the Empire Walk

In this walk you will visit the following :

Writers Building

Holwell Monument

Eastern Railway HQ


Lal Dighi

Standard Life Assurance Building

Currency Building

Raj Bhawan

St. John’s Church

and many more....

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