Daily Life In Local Train

Thousands of people are living their one major part of a day in train, I am one of them. Every day I travel 120 kilometers to reach office from my home. Total travel duration is approx 7 hours both ways. It’s not possible to travel along on daily basis for such a long journey. For a daily passenger it’s normal to join in a group. Similarly I have two groups. One group belongs from my morning time train “Down GEDE – SEALDAH Local”. We are at least sixteen people in this group. This group has a name given by us is “AKHIL BANGA HANUMAN VAKTA SAMITI”. During our long journey, for refreshment we buy tea from Naihati Rail Station. We shout with the name of Bajrangbali at Barrackpur saying “Ek Bar Pream Se Bolo Bajrangbali Ki… Jai, Pawan Putra Hanuman Ki… Jai”. Because, at Barrackpur Railway Station, there is a Bajrangbali temple. But the funniest part of our morning journey is, we have a Kaka at Agarpara Railway station who has a shop over there. Daily we use to shout in front of his shop to irritate that person and he gave us our return gift, lots of slang. After all of these our first part of journey ends at Sealdah Railway Station and we move forward to our own destination.

Similarly going back to home from office, I have another group belonging from “Up SEALDAH – KRISHNANAGAR 12 Couch Galloping Local”. But this group has no name. In this group we are at least 10 people. In this group there are no such funny things except one thing. Because after hole day work every one is tired. But that one funny thing we use to do at the time of arrival at Kalyani Railway Station, we asked the fish seller o know the rate of fish by saying “Kaka Hilsa er Leg Piece Paowa Jabe? Or Kaka Chingri Mache Peti Hobe?” and all that to irritate that person and similarly he gave us our return gift, lots of slang. Like every day after all of these our return journey ends at Ranaghat Railway Station and we move towards our home.

People say after home, office is second home. Similarly I use to say train is our third home and we are just like family. I can say one thing, neither me nor any one of the group want to miss that “Family Adda” which is a part of our train journey life.

Author: Alinda Bardhan

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