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Dahibara Aloodum, Cuttack

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Silver City of India, Cuttack provides you with different types of tasty street foods. This place provides you with different kind of cuisines and also with yummy street foods. Dahibara Aloodum is one of the famous street food in Cuttack, This unique combination will surely treat your tummy.Cuttack

Dahibara Aloodum

One of the most famous street food in Cuttack. This tasty dish is worth having if you are visiting Cuttack. Usually you should mainly have this dish in breakfast or in evening snack time.

So here is a short list of lip smacking Dahibara Aloodum Shops in CuttackDahibara Aloodum

Here are some top Dahibara Aloodum Stalls In Cuttack:

  • Raghu Dahibara Aloodum – Bandha Chowk, Bidanasi
  • Rama Dahibara – Infront of SB Women’s College, Near Chandi Mandir
  • Eshwar Dahibara Aloodum – Biju Patnaik Chowk
  • Satichaura Chowk
  • Bhoggie Dahibara – Near New Stewart school , mission road
  • Dolamundai Chowk Dahibara
  • Dahibara stall at Ranihaat, Chandan Padia

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This yummy dish is really mouth watering and worth each penny you spend for it. So, if you are visiting Cuttack anytime soon then do not forget to taste this famous dish of Cuttack. To note, this year they also started a Dahibara Aloodum Dibosh initiated by Foodfindo and justvish. Overall this dish is world famous and worth a try.

You can also watch this video below made by justvish about the famous Dahibara Aloodum in Cuttack.

This Famous Mouth Watering Dish will keep you awestruck by the time you start having it…. So let us go to Cuttack to Taste This Delicious Dish.

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