Dum Dum Heritage Tour


Rs 1749/Person

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Ever thought of a tour around Dum Dum? It may sound unusual that a road in Dum Dum, north of Kolkata (Calcutta), is known as the Monument Road and whats more unusual, is that it does have a monument at it side.During the 19th century the area was home to a British Royal Artillery armory. Dum Dum Cantonment, the birthplace of the Indian Rebellion1857 also known as famous “ Sepoy Mutiny” was sparked by inputs flowing from Dum Dum Cantonment to Barrackpore.

You will cover this following places:

1. Christian Burial Ground (Under St.Patrick’s Church Dum Dum Cantonment.)
2. HMV studio (His Master’s Voice)
3. Ordnance Factory
4. Afgan War Memorial
5. St Patrick’s Church
6. Jessop Factory
7. St. Stephen Pillar
8. St.Stephen’s Church
9. Central Jail
10. Clive House

A Bottle of Water
Guide Charges/Transportation Charges
Breakfast/ tea or coffee

About LetUsGo Explorer:
Madhupriya & Alinda,two of our Most talented and vibrant team member will be guiding this tour.Alinda is the National Product Manager for all of our tours and Madhupriya is a person with immense potential and talent and we have chosen her from our “Earn & Learn” Program and she has curated this tour on her own.

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