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If you are a foodie with interest only in different kind of food, you do not need us for a possible food trail. You can very well do it your self.

But if you happen to have a interest about history of a particular food, place, taste, you are in the right place as we will take you beyond the look and feel of that particular food joint which will make you think eventually the basics of the word 'Food'.

Welcome to Series of #Foodwalks or #Foodtrails where the objective is to know those interesting food stories about every small food joint, to visit some place you may have visited several times, some places you do not know that exists

You will cover this following places:

1. Niranjan Agar - Girish Park - Dimer Devil / Cutlet
2. Allen's Kitchen - Shovabazar - Chingri Cutlet
3. Mitra Cafe - Brain Chop / Diamond Fry
4. Chittranjan Sweets - Near A.V. School - Madhuparka Sweets
5. Bhabatarini Sweets - Near A.V. School - Strawberry Rosogolla

1. A Bottle of Water/Cold Drinks
2. Guide Charges
3. Tickets (If Any)

About LetUsGo's Explorer:
Amitabha Gupta,an eminent blogger from Kolkata who takes very keen interests about history of Bengals Heritage temples and sights. He has written articles for Nat Geo Outlook before and regularly writes for many travel based magazines.

Come with Let Us Go for an amazing Kolkata city tour, it can help you to know your city in a better way!

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