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Gurusaday Dutta

Without the enthusiasm and energy of Shri Gurusaday Dutta, the tradition and culture of rural Bengal would have been long lost. Due to his Hercules effort and dedication, somehow the essence of ancient Bengali folk culture was survived.

Shri Gurusaday Dutta

Shri Gurusaday Dutta was born on May 10, 1882, in the village Birasree  in the Sylhet district of undivided Bengal (presently Sylhet is in Bangladesh). He played an important role in the freedom movement for Indian Independence. Gurusaday Dutta

Interesting Facts About Shri Gurusaday Dutta

  • In the year 1899, he came first in Entrance Examination in Assam
  • In the year 1901, he came first in F. A. Examination from the Presidency College of Calcutta and also achieved Sindhia Gold Medal
  • In 1905, he stood first in I.C.S. Examination and also 1st in Constitutional Law of Bar- at-Law Examination, which was a world record
  • In 1924, Shri Gurusaday Dutt made agricultural development through Cooperative movement
  • In 1929, he represented the Royal Majesty, on behalf of Government of India, in the International Agricultural Conference held in Rome
  • In 1929, he started collecting examples of both visual and performing traditional art heritage of undivided India, which ultimately led the foundation of Bratachari Movement in India
  • In 1935, he represented the University of Calcutta in an International Folk Dance competition held in London

(All The Informations/Facts Taken From The Website Of Gurusaday Museum)

Gurusaday Museum

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About The Museum

Between 1929 and 1939 he collected about 2325 different type of specimens including several heirlooms.  After his death in 1941, all the collections was handed over to the Bengal Bratachari Society which was also founded by him, He took the initiative to preserve and save the Bengali folk traditions and culture.

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ray (then the Chief Minister) opened the Museum’s main building in the year 1961. In the year 1963, 8th of February Govt. of India declared the Museum open for all.

Gurusaday Museum

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The museum has a rich collection of folk arts and crafts which has a touch of rural life, religious beliefs, cultural influences and many other traditional touches of undivided Bengal. Around 3300 exhibits are there in the Museum.

Gurusaday Museum

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Important Information About The Museum

  • Address: Gurusaday Museum, Gurusaday Dutt Folk Art Society, Bratacharygram, Joka, Kolkata -700104
  • Location: The Museum is located on the Diamond Harbour Road, very next to the 3A/SD4 bus terminus, in the Bratacharigram, Joka. The bus stop is locally known as 3A Bus Stand. This place is very close to the internationally famous Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Joka.
  • Mobile: +91-8902277456 and +91-9674208519
  • Ticket Fees: Indian Student: Rs. 5, Indian Adult: Rs. 10, Foreigners: Rs. 100
  • Museum Timings: 10:00 A.M to 05:00 P.M (Except Mondays)

This museum has a great potential but with funds drying up, we should all take up an initiative to save this place. We need to save the ideology and the effort Gurusaday Dutta had put to save the folk arts and the rural culture. This Museum carries the value of ancient Bengal, in it’s hard time we should all contribute and help this place to survive. This place has a greater value and we must not lose this place. Let this place survive and not get fade away in the pages of history.



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