Guwahati Fancy Bazar Walk


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You will meet the guide at 4: 00 PM in Fancy Bazaar Flower market and then from there you will walk towards Guwahati Baptist Church established in 1849. Here we talk about the history of the city. Then we proceed towards one of the citys oldest tea shop for our evening snacks. Later we walk through Pan Bazaar lane -A major landmark of the city. The area also includes many libraries, major government offices and a shopping district. Restaurants and bookshops in the area provide a unique environment. It is also a major wholesale market for drugs and pharmaceutical products and a hub for printing and publication. From there enter Fancy Bazaara unique bazaar crammed with tiny shops trading exotic silk fabrics, handmade toys, Cane and Bamboo Products and home decor. This famous bazaar is located right next to the Central Railway station in Guwahati. While you are here, the amazing varieties of delicious Assamese food must be given a shot, with the famous momo's in the must-eat list!

Interestingly, Fancy Bazaar is also known as 'Phaasi Bazaar' - History related to Fancy Bazar: Hangings used to take place here during the British regime in the District Jail which is located in Fancy Bazar, and it is responsible for the prefix 'Phasi' i.e., hanging. Therefore, it is known as Phasi Bazar too.


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