Keep Walking For A Better Life

‘If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress ’ Barack Obama


Walk (noun)

  • An act of travelling or an outing on foot.
  • A route recommended or marked out for recreational walking.

“Walk until you reach your destination”

There are several benefits of walking so find a walk to have a hale and hearty life.  Walking can help to have a cheerful and healthy life. The benefits of walking are,

  • strengthens heart
  • lowers disease risk
  • helps to lose weight
  • prevents dementia
  • a process of gaining energy
  • enhances vitamin D
  • tones up legs and tummy
  • lighten ups mood


The world is moving fast and in a speedy manner. In each country there are maximum of desk-bound workers, for that there is no physical exercise to keep the body fit and healthy. So there is a simple way to keep the body vigorous and healthy and that is – walking. In above points the benefit of walking has been shown. Other than health benefits walking can help one to explore the city. It helps to Know Your City in a better way.

Walking in the nature tends to keep the brain healthy. Nothing much, a simple walk down to the river side or a stroll in the park may quieten down the mind. Also, in the process it improves the working of the brain. The mental health gets better and works steadily. At times it is better to go out of the concrete surrounded world and visit the Nature. It helps one to be calm and composed. A new study says that walking in the nature has a positive physical effect in the brain. So find a walk…..

Some interesting facts about walking:

  • If you want to lower blood pressure, or lose belly fat then brisk walking is the solution.
  • Around 2000 reported study says that, if a person walks three or more times a week he/she saves around $300 per year.
  • The word ‘walk’ is from the Old English wealcan
  • Walking helps to decrease the risk of heart attack, and also lessen the risk of bone fracture.
  • Brisk walking can help to reduce stress and depression.
  • Over 90 years ‘Racewalking’ is an official sport in Olympics.
  • 9000 steps each day= 3.5 trips around the world.
  • Walking around 20-25 miles every week can extend life by a couple of years contrasted to people who do not walk.

There are more interesting facts and benefits about walk, so in life if want to be benefited then walk freely. Walk for a better health, walk for a better life. Walk to explore the city and make the moments precious.

“Run to reach the destination, walk to enjoy the journey”- Aurosish Chakraborty

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