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Princep Ghat Photowalk


Rs 799/Person

Call Us : (+91)-9674917877

 List of Photo-walks:
1. Victoria Photowalk.
2. Kumartuli Photowalk (Low-light).
3. Photowalk Besides Ganges Including Princep Ghat. Followings are the best places to visit in kolkata

Choice - Either Victoria/Princep Ghat/Kumartuli

The first hour will be spent understanding the following:
Meaning and types of photography
Types of cameras and lenses
The technical factors such as:
- Exposure (shutter speed, ISO, aperture)
- Depth of field
- White balance
- Image format
- Visual aesthetics
- Rules of composition.

Practical - The next 90 minutes will be spent going around the place trying to shoot, thereby putting into practice the discussion bits.

Review - The last half an hour will be utilized for looking at your photographs and critiquing, discussing things that work/do not work, problems faced and how to overcome them, etc. They help you choose a long-term project that you could do based on your interests. They'll be happy to review your photos over the internet in future.

A Bottle of Water
Guide Charges

About LetUsGo Explorer:
The National Travel & Tourism award winning photographer Mr. Kamalesh Kamila

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