My first experience in dooars!!!


Well, you wont believe but there are many places other than DARJEELING,SIKKIM ,GANGTOK,NATHULA . Have you heard about CHALSA ? Well, it might be, you know.But I was really not aware of this beautiful place.My brother wanted to take me to Chalsa for a drive while I travelled Siliguri from Kolkata.

Today through my experiences and your imaginations , I am going to take you to the adorable world of Chalsa .    Here is the glimpse.













Aah I felt so lucky-weather seemed so fine and pleasant,though the best period of travelling northeast is in between October and May.I started my trip early in the morning at 6:00 AM via car. It took me approximately 2 hrs up to reach Chalsa from Siliguri via DOOARS and MALBAZAAR!

I was on my way , I came accross Sevoke Kali Mandir;also named as SEVOKESHWARI KALI MANDIR where thousands of devotees come and worship. It’s beautiful and yes you can visit it while you are on the same route,that is,DOOARS. Basically it’s famous for the tradition,the greenery,the fantastic surroundings and obviously the flowing TEESTA..                

Check this out….

kali mandir dooars

Somewhere over here I really had a bad fight with my cousins for not letting me click more pictures of this beauty.HAHAHA!!

Nevermind,we started travelling again after this stop.

What next? On my way to the next scenic stop, to my surprise, I saw many monkeys climbing here and there : some with food and some with their fellow mates. I could not stop myself ! Here comes a noise… CLICK!CLICK! All faces on me . “IS IT A CRIME ” I said.


DOOARS is full of beautiful scenic views where you can pose a little with your best friends. In the roads of Sevoke ,heading in the Darjeeling district ,there was one way which headed towards Darjeeling and Sikkim and the other way headed towards the CORONATION BRIDGE.

We decided to stop and click pictures and feel the beauty. Pictures says it all!!


tessta nadi


coronation bridge

Without wasting our time , we headed towards CHALSA! The roads ,the beauty,the Tea Gardens gave us a refreshing mode.It was not tiring as I was enjoying it.

Here we come to Chalsa. WAOOO! I can still feel the moment and really cant get over the  Mountains , Sliding roads , Rocks and obviously the river…

It was the best feeling .My little brother helped me out climbing rocks for a view and yes for some awesome pictures. Chalsa for me is next life which you should never miss while you visit Northeast.Have a look!

There are many nearby places to visit like sanctuaries , tea gardens,rivers etc but due to time shortage I planned to visit here!Throughout I enjoyed the weather,the breeze,the way I climbed,the buzzing river,slippery rocks and yes a peaceful time with my cousins.




Now it was time to say a good bye to Chalsa!! While returning we had delicious MOMOS and ALOO KA SABJI with bhujiya! It was super tasty ! These are the mandatory dishes if are planning to go near Siliuri!


Thats all I covered in a day and I will cherish it my whole life!

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Thank you.









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