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Kolkata, in the days of the British raaj, was known as the ‘second city of the empire’ after London. It need not be mentioned that Calcutta, as it was called back then, had held a lot of importance in terms of culture, economy, trade as well as politics. People from every strata of the society and religion flocked here in search of good fortune and to make a name for themselves in the elitist social scenes existing here. And as they came, so did their influence over the multifarious aspects of the social order in the city.

Secularity in the truest and most literal sense prevailed here, right from the beginning. And one such provenance to substantiate the aforesaid is#theonlystreetintheworld- Yes, Kolkata is home to the only street in the world which has the godsend opportunity of hosting religious institutions of all faiths on a stretch of a single street.

In this walk you will visit the following :

Scottish Church
Mission Church
Catholic Church 3 x Synagogues
Armenian Church
Chinese Church
Parsi Fire Temple
Nakhoda Masjid
and many more....

Starting Point - St.Andrew's Church,Dalhousie Square

About LetUsGo's Explorer :

Anthony, a philanthropist and descendant of Johness Carapiet Galstaun, creator of most of the Raj era buildings in Kolkata - has started Ghost Walks as an interesting way of showcasing the city's built heritage. Ghost walks are big business in cities like Edinburgh, New Orleans and Sydney. His family built 350 buildings across Kolkata - Nizam Palace, Freemasons Hall, Queens Mansions, all of Ballygunge, big donors toward the construction of Victoria memorial. He was born here but grew up, studied, worked and live in the UK. Was with the famous ''Scotland Yard'' for 10 years. Returned to India to start Swachh Bharat, a year before the present govt, in 2013, by setting up an NGO - ''Garbage Free India''.

3.Guide Fee
4.Mineral Water(1 Litre)
5.Other Charges Related to the Walk

1.Transportation 2.Anything which is not mentioned above.


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