Photography Workshop for Kids



Trolltunga Norway

Rs 2699/Person


Photography is a technical art and the nitty-gritty of its technical aspects can be intimidating, especially for a young mind. It can end up taking the fun out of photography. The technical jargon itself can be scary and daunting. Keeping that in mind, we have designed two courses that will introduce youngsters to the joy of exploring the world around us through a camera, while making them understand the basics of photography in a simple and easy manner.

Course Structure:

Fundamentals of photography
Understanding the camera and it's working
Understanding exposure, lenses and focusing
Understanding Light and color
Creativity and composition

What you will take back:

- Clarity on camera equipment, settings and usage
- A sound understanding of the art and science of photography
- Personal attention of a professional photographer
- Plenty of practical exercises within the classroom
- topics suited to all skill levels
- Free reference material after the Workshop
- Post-Workshop support and advice
- Benefit from the experience of mentoring over 6000 enthusiasts
- A certificate of participation

What you need to get:

Your DSLR camera and kit lens or a prosumer point-and- shoot camera
A fully charged camera battery and a memory card with sufficient space for a days shooting
Your camera manual, if available

Who Should Attend:

Anybody over 11 and under 16, interested in mastering their camera and the basics of photography in lowlight travel photography

Please note:

DSLR Camera users will benefit the most from the Workshop. Compact and prosumer digital camera users can attend too but may not be able to try some concepts discussed, particularly in the area of autofocus. If you don't have a DSLR, you may consider hiring one for the Workshop at a nominal additional fee in order to ensure you can relate to all the topics. Please talk to us for more information.

Why should you take this tour?

Creativity comes best in groups; immerse yourself in an exercise that will forge bonds forever as you strive to make your photo stories together!

Who is this suited for?

Keen young shutterbugs!
Who is conducting the tour?
This photography Workshop will be conducted by Upcoming Ace Photographer Sandeepan Sarkar or Young Dynamic Photographer Sumit Saha


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