Questions Asked About Places To Visit In Kolkata

Bishwa Bangla Gate, Kolkata

Looking to visit Kolkata, then these questions will surely give you some ideas what this rich City can surprise you with. I have chosen certain questions with the answers, hope they help.

  • Which is the best time to visit Kolkata?

If you want to explore Kolkata in a relaxed and soothing manner then October to March is the ideal time to visit City of Joy. This time the weather is pleasant and cool, and which makes the sightseeing more enjoyable. During this time many festivals take place, which will surely help you to have a great time here. Otherwise throughout the year you can visit this place to enrich your knowledge.

  • Historical places to visit in Kolkata

Kolkata is a place where in every corner you will find true stories, some are interesting, some are emotional but the stories will surely keep you in hunt to know the city better. I am sharing few such places which is a must visit if you are coming here. Places like, Tagore’s House, Victoria Memorial, Fort William, Presidency College and list can keep continuing. Land up here, and you will surely breathe history.

  • Offbeat places to visit in Kolkata

I am sharing few offbeat places you must visit when you are visiting Kolkata. Places like, Khidirpur Tram Depot, Suriname Memorial, Sahi Imambara, Bhu Kailash Temple and many more such offbeat places which will surely attract you to visit these places again and again.

  • Famous eateries in Kolkata

Oh! Calcutta, 6th Ballygunge Place, Royal Indian Restaurant, Campari, Mitra Cafe, Niranjan Agar and also you will find many more other famous eateries in Kolkata.

  • Famous sweet shops in Kolkata

Kolkata is also known for sweets which will surely get your taste bud active in a sweet manner. I am sharing few of the sweet shops, Balaram Mullick, Nabin Chandra Das, K.C Das, Bancharam, Putiram and many such places.

  • Best shopping places in Kolkata

Shyambazar Market, College Street Market, New Market, Gariahat Market, Garia Market

  • Fun places to visit in Kolkata

There are several fun places to visit in Kolkata like, Nicco Park, Aquatica, Alipore Zoo, Snow Park and many more such places.

Vidyasagar Setu Let Us Go

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I hope these questions and answers will help you to get a brief idea about Kolkata. This city will surely provide you with history, fun and knowledge once you land here. So, come and visit my City Kolkata

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