Raipur Photowalks by LetUsGo

Raipur photowalk, LetUsGo


Rs 599/Person

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LetUsGo will be bringing famous series of photowalks with famous photographer Mr. Kamalesh Kamila to the city of Raipur.
The first from this series will be Hosted beside Marine Drive on 29th Oct.

Although it is a photowalk, the main focus would be the learn of basic landscape photography. Please note it is not 
mandatory to carry DSLR. The objective of this photography class is to show you how can capture great image with equipment 
you have(mobile,camera etc).

The first hour will be spent understanding the following:
Meaning and types of photography
Types of cameras and lenses
The technical factors such as:
- Exposure (shutter speed, ISO, aperture)
- Depth of field
- White balance
- Image format
- Visual aesthetics
- Rules of composition.

Practical - The next 90 minutes will be spent going around the place trying to shoot, thereby putting into practice the 
discussion bits.

Review - The last half an hour will be utilized for looking at your photographs and critiquing, discussing things that 
work/do not work, problems faced and how to overcome them, etc. They help you choose a long-term project that you could do 
based on your interests. They'll be happy to review your photos over the internet in future.

 About LetUsGo Explorer:
Mr. Kamalesh Kamila is a national award winning travel documantary film maker/photographer. He was a assistant director of 
legendary director Satyajit Ray. He has also helped the Nat Geo team to make documentary Chadar Trak, Ladakh.

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