Santragachi Jheel : Lake of Migratory Birds

Santragachi is a neighbourhood of Howrah city in West Bengal, India, approx 14 km from Kolkata. Santragachi Railway Station serves as a railway junction for the South Eastern Railway. 

Santragachi Jheel Let Us Go

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Santragachi is also known for its large lake known as Santragachi Jheel which attracts migratory birds such as lesser whistling duck in the winter months. From the 9th month of the year, birds from Siberia and many other places come to this place to migrate. Their whole day tweeting sounds are so good. But the bad thing is year on year the birds are reducing.

Santragachi Jheel Let Us Go

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It is small but beautiful jheel. This jheel is surrounded by common people, located beside busy railway station. If you get down at Santragachi bus stop, come to the rail station and cross the over bridge. 

Santragachi Jheel, across an area of 32 acres is a safe haven of migratory winter birds, arriving from far away destinations, especially during December and January. Let’s explore this walking tours to heritage sites.

Santragachi Jheel Let Us Go

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Visitors can view birds like goose, cotton pygmy goose, comb duck, etc. at the lake, the special attraction being lesser whistling ducks. The jheel is a normal water body actually, but in winter it becomes a birdwatchers paradise. Soothing jheel sound with cool breeze is a perfect place to make one’s day pleasant.

The maintenance of the place is so bad. There were dustbin and muck all around. Visitors can face difficulties to find a proper place to stand a while. 

Santragachi Jheel Let Us Go

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Although it is a nice choice for a day trip of bird lovers and photographers. Good and hygienic food can be bought from the nearby shops.

Before it is too late, let’s go out for local sightseeing in Kolkata.


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