Satyajit Ray: A Legendary Director Of All Time | Few Interesting Facts About Satyajit Ray


Satyajit Ray
Picture Credit: SheThePeople

“Last, but not least — in fact, this is most important — you need a happy ending. However, if you can create tragic situations and jerk a few tears before the happy ending, it will work much better.”
― Satyajit Ray, The Bandits of Bombay

Satyajit Ray
Picture Credit: The Jerusalem Post

‘Satyajit Ray’ this name alone can define the greatness of this person. A person who defined the language of cinema in an unique manner. Let’s find out some of the interesting facts about him in this article,

  • His film received 32 National Award, out of which 6 were received by himself for Best Director.
  • In the year 1987, he was awarded the Légion d’honneur(Legion of Honour) by the President of France.
  • ‘Manik Da’ as a sign of respect everyone used to call him as Manik Da.
  • In the year 1962, Satyajit Ray made his first colour film in India. This famous movie name is ‘Kanchenjunga’
  • After Charlie Chaplin, He was the second film personality who was awarded the honorary Doctorate by Oxford University.
  • The year India received Independence(1947), that same year he opened the Calcutta Film Society.
  • Before he came into the world of cinema, he was a graphic designer.
  • He designed many famous book covers. Jim Corbett’s Man Eaters of Kumaon was one of them.
  • He was presented with the Honorary Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement.
  • ‘Pather Panchali’ was his first film and it took around three years to complete this movie.
  • He was also the editor Bengali magazine called Sandesh, which was actually started by his grandfather.
  • He also made a documentary on the blind artist Benode Bihari Mukherjee, called The Inner Eye.
  • Some of his renowned films are, Chiriyakhana (1967), Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne (1968), Sonar Kella(1974), Pather Panchali(1955), Apur Sansar(1959) and many more such films.
  • He created the famous bengali detective Felu-da and also Professor Shanku.
  • He was presented with the Bharat Ratna few days before his demise.

These facts are more or less known to all of us, still to refresh the memories is not a bad idea. He is a pride of Bengal, as well as pride of India. A man who defined Indian Cinema in an unique manner in front of the world. His ideology spoke and got the world mesmerized. Until the word Cinema exists, he will always live in our heart.

Satyajit Ray
Picture Credit: Senses of Cinema

মহারাজা তোমারে সেলাম

“The only solutions that are ever worth anything are the solutions that people find themselves.”
― Satyajit Ray


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