My first experience in dooars!!!

HELLO READERS, Well, you wont believe but there are many places other than DARJEELING,SIKKIM ,GANGTOK,NATHULA . Have you heard about CHALSA ? Well, it might be, you know.But I was really not aware of this beautiful place.My brother wanted to take me to Chalsa for a drive while I travelled Siliguri from Kolkata. Today through my experiences Read more about My first experience in dooars!!![…]


11 Reasons why should you visit Egypt.

  11 convincing reasons why you should definitely visit Egypt!! 1.The Pyramids of Giza: Since our childhood , I mean our primary school, we have been hearing about the Pyramids. Isn’t it exciting ? The Great Pyramid of Giza (the largest of the three) is the oldest and is the one of the “Seven Wonders Read more about 11 Reasons why should you visit Egypt.[…]

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