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‘Science is facts; just as houses are made of stone, so is science made of facts; but a pile of stones is not a house, and a collection of facts is not necessarily science.’

Jules Henri Poincaré (1854-1912) French mathematician.


Science, a subject that attract everyone pessimistically or optimistically. This particular subject helped the mankind to improve their lifestyle in ease. Each scientific discovery has left a mark in this living world. Theory wise science might be difficult to understand but in practical it’s fun. So to enjoy this fun of science Let Us Go to the city of science which is situated in Kolkata.

1997, 1st of July the Science City was inaugurated. Science City was urbanized by the National Council of Science Museums. It developed a major fascination for the people of Kolkata and also for the visitors around the globe. This place is well-balanced between scientific information’s and fun following environment. Over the years this place has attracted both aged and young generations to enjoy the atmosphere in the world of fun-filled science.

Kolkata, the city of joy is filled with facts and fun. Science city is one of them, where one will not only enjoy but one will learn through enjoyment. The best process for learning is to enjoy what one learns. So come with me and let’s enjoy this visit to science city.

Kolkata Science City is a place where one can spend some quality time with friends, family and also one can learn certain things about science. With a reasonable price chart one can have the benefit of enjoying few hours in there. Here is the price chart for the general visitors,

  • Entry Fee- Rs 50.00/Person
  • Evolution of Life: A Dark Ride- Rs 40.00/Person
  • Panorama on ‘Human Evolution’- Rs 60.00/Person
  • Combined Rates for ‘Dark Ride’ and ‘Human Evolution’- Rs 80.00/Person
  • Science on a Sphere- Rs 20.00/Person
  • Space Theatre- Space Theatre is closed for up-gradation
  • 3D Theater- Rs 30.00/Person
  • Time Machine- Rs 20.00/Person
  • Road Train- Rs 15.00/Person
  • Cable Car- Rs 40.00/Person
  • Mono Cycle- Rs 15.00/Person
  • Gravity Coaster- Rs 30.00/Person

There are several places to visit in Science City. There is a Picnic Spot where a group of college friends or gathering of a family can easily take place. For kids, Outdoor Science Park is available, where they can have fun while they can learn small facts about science. There are more for the kids to enjoy and entertain themselves. Things like, Road Train, Mono Cycle, Cable Car and Gravity Coaster. Even the adults also can go back to their childhood time and enjoy with the kids. One can also spend some time observing the butterflies in the Butterfly Garden. Even one can sit front of the Musical Fountain and enjoy the beauty of it.Science City, Kolkata

Now I will take through the main attractions of science city. To begin with, Dynamotion hall will be the first place to visit. This large spiral shaped building will surely make this visit interesting. One will be introduced to this world of science, the journey includes some science shows, facts about power of 10 and other fascinating details about science.

Science Exploration Hall is worth visiting. There are two interesting shows will interests the crowd. In one of them Charles Darwin will take through the Evolution of Life- A Dark Ride. Where, one will get to know about the prehistoric time and the story of evolution. In the other portion one will visit through last 6 million years of human evolution. This part will be shown in Digital Panorama on Human Evolution.Science City, Kolkata

Let’s move forward now and visit the Earth Exploration Hall. Here it is all about the earth. One will be detailed about the southern and northern hemisphere of earth. After this I will move on to Space Odyssey, a place where one can only have fun and not get tired of it. The major attraction in here is the Mirror Magic. Only feeling one will get here is, ‘catch me if you can.’ Other than Mirror Magic, one can go to Space Theatre (which is closed for up gradation. As of now, dated 14/09/2017 ), 3D Theatre or have some fun time in the Time Machine (which is right now under renovation). Now I am tired so time for some refreshment, coffee to soft drinks and food everything is available here. One can also get food from outside no issues with that. Now let’s visit to Maritime Center, here one will get to know about maritime history and maritime related information.Science City, Kolkata

To conclude, the maintenance need to improve and visitors also should have the civility to keep the place clean. This place will be part of history, so let’s keep this place beautiful and dirt-free. Remember, ‘one, who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases’. Anyhow one can obviously spend a day in here and enjoy the moments.

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