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“Children are not only innocent and curious but also optimistic and joyful and essentially happy. They are, in short, everything adults wish they could be.”

Thinking of taking your kids for outing, here are 5 chosen places you can visit with your kids in Kolkata. The list includes of fun and education both together.

  • Alipore Zoo
  • Nicco Park
  • Indian Museum
  • Aquatica
  • Science City

Alipore Zoo

In 1876 the oldest zoological Garden opened in India. This place is one of the best tourist attraction n Kolkata and also an ideal place for picnic. For sure this place will attract kids and they will enjoy the atmosphere of the place. The zoo has many attractions like, Bengal Tiger, Jaguar, African Lion, rarest species of birds and also many other animals. This place where kids will surely get attracted because they get to see the animals in real. The place where kids will learn and also at the same time they will have fun too.

Interesting Fact: 250 years old giant tortoise was kept here before it died in 2006. The name of the tortoise was Adwaita. Alipore Zoo

Important Information About Alipore Zoo

  • It remains open everyday except Thursday. If any holiday is on Thursday then it’s open on that day also.
  •  Entry Fee- 30/Person
  • 250/Person for Still/Video Photography
  • 10/Person up to the age of 5 years

Nicco Park

Take your kids and visit the ‘Disneyland Of Bengal’, another well known tourist attraction in Kolkata. Located near Salt Lake, this place will surely make your kids happy and all together you can cherish some wonderful moments. In the year 1991, 13th October this park opened. There are at-least 35 different types of rides available in this Park. ‘The Giant Cyclone’ is considered to be the biggest attraction of the Park. You will get to visit the ‘Eiffel Tower’ and take some clicks front of it. This is one of the most fun places you can visit near Kolkata.

Interesting Fact: ‘The Giant Cyclone’ was added in 2003 and is one of the largest rides in Asia. It is 750 m in length and reaches a height of about 55 feet.Nicco Park

Important Information About Nicco Park

  • Throughout the week the Park is open
  • The Timings are 10:30 AM to 07:30 PM
  • The Entry Fee to Nicco Park is Rs.185/ Person which includes 12 specified Rides (other rides have separate price range for each)

Indian Museum

Make learning fun for kids, Indian Museum is one of such places in Kolkata where kids will get to know interesting facts without getting bored. Year 1814, this museum was founded and also this museum is considered to be the oldest museum in the world. The museum showcases the rich Indian Culture, Heritage India, Ancient Sculptures & fossils and also has a rich collection of Paintings in Mughal Era. Not only your kids but you will also enrich your knowledge and will get to spend some good time out there.

Interesting Fact: The museum is also referred as ‘Jadughar’, because of the magical effect the place has on the visitors.


P.C: Wikipedia

Important Information About Indian Museum

  • The Museum is closed on Monday
  • Except Monday throughout the week the Museum is open
  • The Timings are 10:o0 AM to 05:00 PM
  • 20/Person for Indians
  • 500/Person for Foreigners




This water theme park started in 1999, it is the largest water theme park in Kolkata and also in Eastern India. In the summer season this place becomes the hub for every fun loving person. Also throughout the year people visit this place. There are plenty of fun activities for kids, this is a must visit place for kids as well as for adults.  This park has different kind of rides for all age group of kids. There are also other interesting indoor facilities. The water theme park is located in Kochpukur, Rajarhat near New Town area. Aquatica has a number of exciting rides like the Wave Pool, the black hole, Niagara Falls, surf racer, Tornado and the Aqua Dance Floor. Aquatica

Important Information About Aquatica

  • Throughout the week the amusement park is open
  • The Timings are 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM




Science City

Kolkata, the city of joy is filled with facts and fun. Science city is one of them, where one will not only enjoy but one will learn through enjoyment. The best process for learning is to enjoy what one learns. Get your kids here to enjoy learning in a different way. Kolkata Science City is a place where one can spend some quality time with friends, family and also one can learn certain things about science. With a reasonable price chart one can have the benefit of enjoying few hours in there.

1997, 1st of July the Science City was inaugurated. Science City was urbanized by the National Council of Science Museums. It developed a major fascination for the people of Kolkata and also for the visitors around the globe. This place is well-balanced between scientific information’s and fun following environment. Over the years this place has attracted both aged and young generations to enjoy the atmosphere in the world of fun-filled science.Science City, Kolkata

Important Information About

  • Throughout the week Science City is open
  • The Timings are 09:o0 AM to 08:00 PM
  • Entry Fee- Rs 50.00/Person
  • Evolution of Life: A Dark Ride- Rs 40.00/Person
  • Panorama on ‘Human Evolution’- Rs 60.00/Person
  • Combined Rates for ‘Dark Ride’ and ‘Human Evolution’- Rs 80.00/Person
  • Science on a Sphere- Rs 20.00/Person
  • Space Theatre- Space Theatre is closed for up-gradation
  • 3D Theater- Rs 30.00/Person
  • Time Machine- Rs 20.00/Person
  • Road Train- Rs 15.00/Person
  • Cable Car- Rs 40.00/Person
  • Mono Cycle- Rs 15.00/Person
  • Gravity Coaster- Rs 30.00/Person

Visit these five places with your kids in Kolkata to have fun filled with knowledge. These places will help you to cherish some unforgettable moments with your kids. Never lose your childhood, because maturity is being childish.










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  • Kolkata is very much well-known for few things like Durga Puja, Rasgullah, Howrah Bridge and the Sweet people with sweet language. I was only known to the few places to visit in kolkata just as; Howrah Bridge, Marble Palace and Victoria Memorial. Kids are not very much interested to visit this places but you have given good list of places where kids can also have fun and enjoy. I will plan my next trip to these places of kolkata very soon.

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