Visiting Birla Industrial & Technological Museum : One of the best places to visit in Kolkata

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum

Gate of Birla Industrial & Technology Museum

Birla Industrial & Technological  Museum is established on 2nd May,1959, located at GuruSaday Road in Kolkata. This Birla Industrial & Technological Museum is one of the large and major art galleries in India. This Museum is managed by National Council of Science Museums. This council is the major Center for all science museums and centers in India. This museum is one of the popular tourist places to visit in Kolkata, but needs a face-lift. 

This museum remains open everyday from 10.00am to 5.30pm. On Sundays and other holidays it also remains open, except Holi and Kalipuja.

Price: For General Rs.40/- per head (above 3 years)

25 or more in a group Rs. 30/- per head

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Let Us Go Kolkata, Know Your City

Mock Coal Mine


Birla Industrial & Technological Museum offers various facilities to the visitors. Like

  •   Collect, preserve and renovate some important historical objects.
  •    Device, develop and fabricate model exhibits.
  •    Show the development of Science and Technology.
  •    Development and broaden of Science educations in schools and Colleges.  
  •    Provide aid to Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Technical Institutions.
  •    Take initiative to popularize Science and Technology to the Urban and Rural areas.

About the Museum:

This amazing museum is one of the best places to visit in kolkata for kids. The whole area is very neat and clean and fully maintained and full of science & technology stuffs. But this place doesnt have a clean eatery or coffee shop!

This place has lots of things and is divided into various sections like motive, Metals electricity, mathematics, Transport, Planet Under Pressure etc.

Here are few glimpse of this museum

In the ground floor visitors will observe Transport Gallery, Motive Power Gallery, Physics Gallery, Director’s Office.

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Let Us Go Kolkata, Know Your City

Fiat Tipo 103 ( 1925 ), Italy

Transport Gallery:

Transport Gallery Spread over an area of 500 sq.m. with approximately 50 models and exhibits.In the This Gallery you will see various kind of transportation starting with Beginning of Transportation on wheels, Underground Metro Railway in Kolkata, Super Transport, Early Steam Locomotive, Rail Transport and so many.

Motive Power Gallery:

Motive Power Gallery, depicts, how, ever-rising need of power forced man to use animal power, waterpower and nature’s wind, to supplement his strength. It continues up to modern day’s petrol and diesel engines.

Physics Gallery:

Physics is one of the important part of science, which aims at separating the mysteries of the physical world and nature. The Classical Physics section of this gallery has 28 interactive exhibits on Mechanics, Light ,Gravitation and Electromagnetic Waves.

In the 1st Floor visitors will visit Biotechnology Gallery, Mathematics Gallery, Metals Gallery, Auditorium

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Let Us Go Kolkata, Know Your City

Biotechnology Gallery

Biotechnology Gallery:

In this gallery visitors will find out Types of Cells, Origin of Life, Genetic Variant, Protein Synthesis, Pharmaceuticals & bio-Engineering, Industrial Applications, Bio-technology & food, Medical applications, DNA fingerprinting and many more. Through the interactive display, this gallery makes this technology easily understandable.

Mathematics Gallery:

The gallery on mathematics presents mathematics in simple way. There is a ‘Math Demo Corner’ with facilities for conducting a class session on mathematics and a ‘Children’s Activity Area’, which add to the attraction of the gallery.

Timing of the demo classroom: 11:30 am, 1:15 pm & 4:00 pm 

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Let Us Go Kolkata. Know Your City

Metals Gallery

Metals Gallery:

Since the start of civilization, metals have played a key-role in the human life. Without effective utilization of metals, the brilliant engineering achievements would not have been possible in present days. The museum depicts the story of four most important metals – Copper, Zinc, Iron & Steel and Aluminium. 

2nd Floor- Canteen, Electricity Gallery, Television Gallery, 3D Film Show

Electricity Gallery: –

In this Electricity Gallery visitors will get to know the story of electricity and its different forms. Visitors will experience High Voltage Theatre, Generate Electricity Yourself, Electro magnetite Induction, Storage Cells , Electrical Circuits and safety, Electricity in Every Life and many more.

Television Gallery:

In this gallery Visitors can see Early Analog Studio, Vintage valves, Early Analog Camera, Beginning of Electronics Era, Studio, Editing Room etc. A Television studio in the gallery host the Chromakey Show enjoyed by young and old. Timing of this show is every hour in between 11am -5pm. 

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Let Us Go Kolkata, Know Your City

Kids Zone

This Birla Industrial & Technological Museum is very good learning space for adults and kids. Various shows are there like Taramandal, Science Shows, 3D Shows, Mock Up Coal Mine. Maintenance of apparatus is proper. Also has a fun zone for kids. There are Doll House, Mirror Zone- Bhul Bhulaiya, Topsy Turvy, Fun Mirrors in this gallery.

Students of different ages, different classes should visit here to get the inspiration and make themselves creative. Spend the entire day here if you are a science enthusiast.

Science, a subject that attract everyone pessimistically or optimistically. This particular subject helped the mankind to improve their lifestyle in ease. let’s go out for local sightseeing in Kolkata, Visit Science City , where one will not only enjoy but one will learn through enjoyment.


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